Texas Lemonade

Texas Lemonade a cocktail by the Texas Whiskey Festival

Summertime in Texas can be brutally hot at times. So hot some people say they can’t drink whiskey. Lemonade though is an ice-cold drink that will be your best friend on a hot summer day. It is a tangly, delicious, and savorous drink that pairs perfectly with a strong bourbon to make Texas Lemonade.

To balance the sweet and tanginess of lemonade you want a strong bourbon or rye whiskey. A few of our favorites include Garrison Brothers, Balcones Rye, Ben Milam Whiskey, and Ghost Hill Bourbon.  We recommend avoiding whiskeys that are overly sweet.

This refreshing yet straightforward cocktail will help you beat the Texas heat!


Ingredients for Texas Lemonade

  • 1.5 oz Texas Bourbon or Rye
  • 4 oz Lemonade


How to make Texas Lemonade

Serve in a glass with ice, stir and enjoy. For a little extra flavor toss in some fresh basil or smoked ice.


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