Real Spirits Rusty Nail

Real Spirits Rusty Nail a Texas Whiskey Festival whiskey cocktail
The Rusty Nail is a funny name for a cocktail. This is a drink named after a reddish-yellowish-brown flaky coated metal spike. A name that makes livers shake and would be drinkers run in fear. In reality, it is relatively tame. We share our Real Spirits Rusty Nail to help you put this cocktail into perspective. 
Rumors to how it got the name are as vast as the tumbleweeds blowing through our great state. According to the BoozeSnob, the creation is often attributed to the “21 Club” in Manhattan.
This drink is straight forward and simple as a nail, but complex in flavor as rust is to color. Made with Scotch and Drambuie over ice with an optional lemon garnish makes it an easy cocktail to whip up.
Drambuie is a Scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices liqueur that will sweeten the drink. So it is wise to choose a whiskey that is bold or smokey. The higher proof whiskeys will also stand up the sweetness.
Since we can’t distill Scotch we went with a single malt from Real Spirits Distilling. Their Single Barrel Whiskey is twice distilled in a copper pot still then aged in new charred American Oak barrels. Our bottle has hints of smoke, char, and pepper spice rounded out by earth and hints of honey. The flavor combined with the 92 proof makes it a great pairing with the sweet flavors from the Drambuie.

The Real Spirits Rusty Nail

How to make
  • Add ice to your rocks glass
  • Add the Drambuie
  • Add the Real Spirits Whiskey
  • Stir
  • Garnish if you so choose
We hope you conquer your fears and give the Real Spirits Rusty Nail a try.
To learn more about Real Spirits Distilling check out our video interview with Davin Topel.
If you are looking for another type of refreshing cocktail try the Iron Wolf Big Tex or Texas Lemonade or server with Smoked Ice.
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