Whiskey Wisdom

The Belmont Jewel

The Belmont Jewel is the official drink of The Belmont Stakes. The Belmont Stakes held at Belmont Park Elmont, New York is the third leg of the Triple Crown. It is the oldest of the three races in the Triple Crown, but the official drink has not held the test of time...

Texas Lemonade

Summertime in Texas can be brutally hot at times. So hot some people say they can't drink whiskey. Lemonade though is an ice-cold drink that will be your best friend on a hot summer day. It is a tangly, delicious, and savorous drink that pairs perfectly with a strong...

My Texas Whiskey Infinity Decanter

If you read the last post on what an infinity decanter is then you know I have started my journey of maintaining one. I have two decanters going at the moment; the first is strictly and only for Texas Whiskey, the second is for everything else. It is...

Grain to Glass Whiskey

Get ten people in the room, and you will get ten different answers to the question "what is your favorite whiskey?" Palettes differ, one person may enjoy a robust bourbon-style while another enjoys a whiskey on the sweeter side. There is no right or wrong; it just...

Smoked Ice

I didn't invent this, but I do want to share it because it's a great way to add some fun, depth, and intrigue to your cocktails at home. I'm talking about smoked ice. The idea came to me while preparing for a dinner party with a few friends. I wanted a smoked...

About the Texas Whiskey Festival

The mission of the festival is simple: To help promote and enhance the brands of the many great distilleries throughout Texas. Along with promotion, we want to educate whiskey lovers about the many top-of-the-line whiskeys being produced in our great state. And we’re doing it all while having fun, drinking great whiskey, and building memorable experiences.

As an organization, we know that Texas has some of the best distilleries and whiskeys in the world. The Texas Whiskey Festival is an opportunity to showcase that.


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