Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Texas Whiskey Festival logo, Black Feather Whiskey bottle,, Habana Cowboy Logo, and Powered by Silencer Shop


We have this crazy idea to combine three things Texans love. Whiskey, Tobacco, and Firearms. NOT in that order, of course, SAFETY is ALWAYS #1. Some advised against it, but we decided W(hy)TF not! Introducing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

We have partnered with a few friends to bring you a unique experience. So on May 24th, a limited number of people will be able to join us at The Range at Austin to shoot silenced firearms from Silencer Shop, meet the people from Black Feather Whiskey and enjoy a nicely paired cigar from Habana Cowboy, the mobile cigar lounge experience.

As we said, SAFETY is #1 priority so all firing will happen before the bar is open. Once someone takes ONE, 1, UNO, Single, sip firing privileges stop. We repeat no touching, holding, or anything related to a firearm once you touch alcohol. We do have security in place to enforce this rule.

Once you have fired all you want to fire, it is time to grab a drink from the open bar serving Black Feather Whiskey cocktails. Grab a cigar from our boys at Habana Cowboy and relax.

Don’t worry, there is more. We will be serving up some grub to satisfy your hunger and some tunes to soothe your soul.

Your ticket includes the following:

  • Unlimited firing range access with ammo during the event.
  • A cigar from Habana Cowboy
  • Food from our buffet
  • and Live Music.

Your ticket is all inclusive once you arrive the only reason you need your wallet is to show your ID and buy something from Silencer Shop or The Range at Austin.

**Important notice: If you are buying multiple tickets you must enter the name of each attendee. This will be checked against ID’s at the door.**


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