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Whiskey Tastings

Unveil the mystery of whiskey through guided tastings. Perfect for small corporate outings and groups.

Whiskey Experience - Whiskey Station

Whiskey Station

A great addition to your next event. Ideal for medium to large crowds.

Whiskey Experience - Bar Program

Bar Programs

Whiskey curation to whiskey flight creation and events.

Whiskey Experience - Whiskey Events Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships

Sponsor one of our whiskey events

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Let’s Explore Whiskey

Whiskey is many things. Most of all it is an experience. Let’s pick the experience that is right for you and build something memorable together.

Whiskey Tastings

One whiskey is good.  Trying, comparing, and evaluating multiple whiskeys while learning about their unique characteristics is a great time.  Tastings are small, intimate events that offer a guided experience that will open your palate to the complexities of whiskey while educating you on the backgrounds of the various styles and brands.  Participating in a tasting gives a deeper appreciation and understanding of what goes into making whiskey and will help you discover more about your own preferences.  

​Whiskey tastings are 1.5 to 2 hours, and can be in a variety of formats, such as:

  • ​An introduction to the various styles of whiskey.
  • Guided exploration of specific style, such as bourbon or scotch.
  • Blind tasting of a specific style.
  • Interesting whiskeys of the world.
  • Whiskey and food paired dinners (may last a little longer)

Whiskey Station

There are no strangers around an open bottle of whiskey. Tasting stations offer attendees a different and memorable experience at your event.  Bring the essence of a tasting to a larger event with a whiskey station. Attendees can sample multiple whiskeys while learning about the various style, distillers, and flavor profiles.   These come and go stations are great for larger events or casual settings.

​Some possibilities:

  • ​Whiskey station for casual sampling and learning.
    • Private Parties
    • Corporate Events
    • Festivals

Bar Programs

Bring the excitement and popularity of whiskey’s resurgence to your bar through one of our bar programs.  Need help developing a well-curated selection and training your staff? We can start there or create events for your unique location and patrons.  Bring upscale whiskey fans into your bar with:

  • ​Whiskey selection curation and menu design.
  • Whiskey flight creation.
  • Cocktail programs.
  • Staff training in basic whiskey knowledge and serving techniques.
  • Whiskey and food pairings.
  • Hosted recurring whiskey events at your bar.

Event Sponsorships

Get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers by sponsoring one of our Texas Whiskey Festival Events. We have sponsorships available at a variety of levels to meet your goals and budget. Need something custom?  We can do that as well.

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