Whiskey Conversations with Ty Phelps of Andalusia Whiskey Co.

Shot of Texas Whiskey | Texas Whiskey Festival

In the latest Shot of Texas Whiskey, we sat down with Ty Phelps, co-founder of Andalusia Whiskey Co.  

For this interview, Ty invited me to the distillery. Let me tell you if you have not made it to the distillery yet you are missing out. Andalusia has a beautiful tasting room with a landscape. The landscape is reminiscent of Andalucia Spain. They focus on whiskey from Scottish and Irish traditions with a Texas influence.

During the interviews, we do a couple of different videos. The first video HERE is to give you information about the distillery and their products. The second below is to give you an inside look at the people behind the whiskey.

In a great conversation, Ty shared with us his background as a brewer. That he is not a bourbon guy and that he does drink whiskey other than his own. In the conversation, we touch on what makes Texas Whiskey unique. Did you know Miles Davis pairs with a nice whiskey?
Because you do not like bourbon or scotch doesn’t mean you don’t like all whiskey. Try different types of whiskey until you find something that trips your fancy. Maybe whiskey straight or with water as Ty drinks it is not your thing In that case, try an Old-Fashioned.

Watch the video below for the full interview and take a trip to Andalusia Whiskey Co.


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