Texas Whiskey Festival Blends

Texas Whiskey Festival Blend 1

Texas Whiskey Festival Blend #1

This whiskey is the first bottled distillery collaboration in the history of Texas. We combined the spirits from 3 Texas distilleries into a magical elixir.

So here’s the story. I told Daniel Whittington I wanted to release a blend. The response, if you can get the distilleries on board, we will release it. You see, at the time, distilleries weren’t talking much, let alone working together. So it is nice to see things change. It was a snowball effect. The first to say yes was Jared with Balcones, then Robert from Ironroot while I was on my way to talk with Ty at Andalusia.


Tasting Notes: written by Daniel Whittington
This whiskey kicks open the door like a Texan roughneck wearing boots of black molasses and pipe tobacco. Sliding up to the bar, it perches thick and heavy. A coin spins across the wood and buys a whole bottle.
A pour, and a layer of sweet coffee and spice hang in the air.
Patiently, a sip. Barrel char bitter and a worn leather satchel tug on memories of better days. Another drink. A bit more this time. Soft caramel and vanilla peek out from behind the veil.
“She was the best of me…”
Silence falls over the room as it rises and fills a glass for everyone at the bar. Bottle empty, it glides out the door on a trail of mesquite-black and honey-gold.

The Blend:

  • Ironroot Republic – Bloody Butcher Corn Bourbon Whiskey & Special Purple Corn Bourbon Whiskey | 29.4% & 29.4%
  • Balcones Distilling – Mirador Single Malt Whiskey | 29.4%
  • Andalusia Whiskey Co – Stryker Single Malt Whiskey | 11.8%



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