Tejas: Ranger Creek Cider Barrel

Tejas Ranger Creek Cider Barrel Finished Rye Whiskey

This whiskey is the first Tejas collaboration release. I am a fan of Ranger Creek’s rye, the green apple and fresh floral notes speak to me. So I started scouting cider barrels. Austin Eastciders responded, “yeah, we have a barrel.” Now, it was time to get Ranger Creek on board. I emailed Dennis; he was intrigued, so we hopped on a call to work out the details. I picked up the barrel drove to San Antonio, Josh and I had the tough job of picking what rye barrels to use. We found some gems that would eventually become a single barrel release for the distillery and the two for our project.

Interestingly enough, before the barrel held cider, it aged Ghost Hill Bourbon from Treaty Oak. Unfortunately, at the time, I was told Austin Easciders was discontinuing their barrel program. So this may be the only release, but I sure hope not.

Hand-Picked Ranger Creek .44 Rye whiskey spent two and a half years in 25-gallon bourbon casks before being finished in a barrel provided by Austin Eastciders. During the six-month finishing process, the spirit and the barrel became acquainted. Thus, producing a whiskey rich with floral, baked apple, and cinnamon aromas, with touches of honey, baked red apple, and a hint of bitter apple flavors; to become “Tejas.”


  • 750 ML
  • 47% ABV | 94 PROOF
  • Age: 3 years | 2.5 original barrels & .5 cider barrel
  • Distillery: Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling
  • Class: Whiskey from a rye mashbill
  • Released: Summer 2020
    • SOLD OUT!


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