Smoked Old-Fashioned Ice Cube!  It is a fun novelty that adds a glimmer of sweet BBQ smoke to the cocktail. It is bitter forward bringing the whiskey to life in the finish. The longer you sip it the better it gets.
The concept of the Smoked Old-Fashioned ice cube started with smoked ice. We decided to take it a step further to create a cocktail in a cube. So far this is the only one we have created.
First, we attempted to add the sugar and bitters straight into the ice tray after we poured the water in. We had mixed results with consistency.
To create a consistent flow of flavor we added the sugar and bitters to the water while smoking the water.

How to make the smoked old-fashioned ice cube

  • Start with ice cubes.
    • For whiskey and cocktails, we prefer the large square ice cubes; you can get the silicon tray on Amazon.
  • Place them in your smoker until melted.
    • Approximately 35 minutes
  • Add the sugar, stir and dissolve.
    • 1 teaspoon per large cube
  • Add the bitters
    • A few dashes per cube
  • Smoke for 10 more minutes
  • Refreeze, and voila.

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