I didn’t invent this, but I do want to share it because it’s a great way to add some fun, depth, and intrigue to your cocktails at home. I’m talking about smoked ice.

The idea came to me while preparing for a dinner party with a few friends. I wanted a smoked old-fashioned for after dinner. I started out playing with liquid smoke, but I wasn’t a fan. Lightbulb moment! I have a smoker… what can I do with it? A little time on google and off I went.

Here is how to make smoked ice:

  • Start with ice cubes. Why? Well based on these two articles smoke is more attracted to cold surfaces than warm ones (serious eats & amazing ribs).
    • From our experience, starting with ice cubes generates more smoke flavor.
  • For whiskey and cocktails, we prefer the large square ice cubes; you can get the silicon tray on Amazon.
  • Place them in your smoker until melted.
  • Refreeze, and voila you have smoked ice.

Smoke Ice in smoker for Texas Whiskey Festival


Smoked ice is a great way to infuse a unique flavor into some of your favorite cocktails and whiskey. With the variety of woods available for smoking, the options to mix and match wood flavors to cocktails are endless. You can use maple to add a hint of sweetness, apple for a touch of fruitiness or mesquite for a robust and bold flavor. Combine woods to get unique flavors that enhance the cocktail you’re making or that matches the meal.


It does require some thought ahead of time for the refreezing process, but I promise you’ll be the envy of your friends or at least get people talking.

We are experimenting with cocktails in a cube as well, but that’s another story for another time.

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