Sex on the Beach Cocktail

sex on the beach

A 1987 spring break challenge to sell peach schnapps inspired a Florida bartender to create a famous drink. Ted Pizio thought partiers came to Fort Lauderdale for two reasons. He combined those ideas to name is concoction sex on the beach.

Or did he create the drink? Historians have found an example of the douchy named cocktail in a book from 1982. That recipe combined a Fuzzy Navel and Cape Codder.

Sex on the beach whiskey cocktail

The traditional cocktail uses vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. Clearly, we will use whiskey instead. Please note this will not taste like the first sex on the beach recipe.

The goal is to keep the fruit flavor and cut down the sweet. We use the two-time gold buckle winning Pfluger Single Malt. Full of banana and other underlying fruit notes. The 80% malted barley and 20% rye offers a light body with a touch of spice on the finish.

You can try other Texas whiskeys as well. Give Stryker or Rimfire a chance. We think the smoke will potentially enhance the fruit while adding a subtle finish. Maybe the smoke overpowers the fruit? Let us know.

A robust bourbon such as Garrison Brothers or Ironroot Republic will add a different set of flavors. The apple citrus flavors from Ranger Creeks rye and Treaty Oaks Red Handed rye can be an excellent addition.

Our sex on the beach with whiskey


  • 2.25 oz whiskey
  • 1 oz peach schnapps
  • 2 oz orange juice
  • 2 oz cranberry juice

How to make
Pour the whiskey, schnapps and orange juice into a glass with ice. Stir to mix. Then pour the cranberry juice. An optional garnish is an orange wheel and cheery.

Fun fact: Don’t have peach schnapps? Use .75 oz of juice from canned peaches. Increase the orange juice to 2.25 oz.

Other tropical drinks are the whiskey hurricane, bourbon & pineapple, or whiskey tropic. Or take a look at all of the Texas Whiskey cocktails you can make at home.

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