Prosecco Old Fashion

prosecco old fashion

The prosecco old fashion makes the classic whiskey drink the perfect brunch cocktail. Also, great for a family get together.

Prosecco Old Fashion

You can use any whiskey you want, but I found bourbon works best. The sweeter flavor profile works well with the slight tartness of the prosecco.

I am using Tahwahkaro 4-grain bourbon for its sweetness with a touch of a spice flavor profile. The oak flavor is balanced with the simple syrup and bitters. While the silky texture finishes the cocktail.

This version lighter than a traditional cocktail. The Peychaud bitters also provide a more balanced flavor than the cinnamon profile of the Angostura.



How to make the prosecco old fashion
combine all ingredients into a glass with ice, stir, and enjoy.

Try the maple manhattan or other Texas whiskey cocktails you can make at home.


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