Milam and Greene

Milam and Greene

Provisions Spirits was founded in 2017 and quickly earned a stellar reputation for bottling award-winning whiskies with excellent taste both inside and out. Under the name Ben Milam Whiskey, the distillery produced aged whiskey from hand-selected casks that rolled in from Tennessee and Kentucky.

Behind the scenes for those two years, a skilled team with more than a half-century of whiskey-making experience distilled a new spirit and filled pristine casks in the Texas Hill Country.

Milam & Greene, the new flagship whiskey brand, is named for the partnership formed between Texan entrepreneur Marsha Milam and whiskey expert Heather Greene. The team also includes veteran Kentucky master distiller Marlene Holmes and chief brewer Jordan Osborne. Milam & Greene whiskey is the soul and pride of Provision Spirits, reflecting the best of American whiskey-making with a Texan heart, carefully developed and honed over time.

Provision Spirits believes brilliance in independent whiskey-making requires the integration of the highest quality distilling on-site, aging, blending, batching, proofing, sourcing, finishing and bottling practices to achieve complexity and balance to please the most demanding palate. These skills, all practiced under one roof and with the expert team, are what sets this company apart in American whiskey-making. This is what creates whiskey that is as refined and smooth as the best whiskies in the world.