Ironroot Republic

Hubris is their award winning corn whiskey! From Ironroot

Bold. Brash. In your face. Hubris is our non-chill filtered, over-proof corn whiskey and, like its namesake, is our point of pride. We age this whiskey in our used European Oak bourbon barrels.

NOSE – Smoked pear stewed in dark honey and baked into tartlets

TASTE – Orange peel candied in an anise, clove, and cassia glaze dipped in dark chocolate. This is decadence.

  • Distilled in: Denison
  • Bottled in: Denison
  • Mash Bill
    • 100% Corn
      • Heirloom Purple Corn and non-GMO Yellow Dent Corn
  • Proof: 117.8
  • Age Statement:
  • TXWA Certified Product: Yes