Harbinger is their award-winning flagship bourbon. It is a non-chill filtered, over-proof sipping bourbon that, as their first release, was the herald of things to come at Ironroot. It encapsulates everything that is Ironroot.

NOSE – Maple syrup, orange marmalade, and complex red fruits

TASTE – Red fruits and baking spices on a bed of dark sugars with a medium rich finish that gets you back in the glass

The Breakdown

  • Distilled in: Denison
  • Bottled in: Denison
  • Mash Bill:
    •  Corn
      • Purple Corn, Bloody Butcher Corn, Flint Corn, and non-GMO Yellow Dent Corn
    • Rye
  • Proof: 115
  • Age Statement:
  • TXWA Certified Product: Yes


Bourbon Salt

Bourbon Salt

Salt is a critical ingredient in most recipes but it does not have to be boring. You can create your own infused bourbon salt. The process brings out the sugary caramel aromas from the bourbon. The aromas combined with the brown color will make you think it is brown...

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Texas 75

Texas 75

The Texas 75 is a variation of the French 75 gin cocktail. This cocktail is a light, effervescent, citrus, drink with a bourbon punch.    After a day of running errands, my wife and I stopped by a cocktail bar, because why would you not. Well, this bar had a variation...

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