Garrison Brothers Small Batch

Small Batch Bourbon

Garrison Brothers Distillery

Enjoying a bottle of Small Batch is an experience unlike any other. It’s everything rich and good about bourbon, without the bite. Their bourbon is amber-crimson like a Texas sunset, darker, richer, and fuller than almost any other bourbon on the market.

They don’t source whiskey from elsewhere and we never will. Their bourbon is made – from corn-to-cork – in Hye, Texas, one barrel at a time. It’s handcrafted from a sweet mash of premium, #1 food-grade corn, soft red winter wheat from local farms, and two row barley.

  • Distilled in: Hye
  • Bottled in: Hye
  • Mash Bill:
    • 74% Corn
    • 15% Red Winter Wheat
    • 11% Malted Barley
  • Proof: 94
  • Age Statement: At least 4 years
  • TXWA Certified Product: Yes