Orange Manhattan Cocktail

orange manhattan cocktail

Let’s learn how to make an orange manhattan cocktail. This is one of the 100s of variations from the classic. One story indicates the origins in the 1870s at the Manhattan Club in New York. Another tale in history says the 1860s at a bar on broadway.

The manhattan cocktail uses whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. In the beginning, rye was the primary whiskey used. Now you see the Manhattan cocktail made with every type of whiskey you can find. So, the trick is to find the whiskey you like.

Our suggestions are a rye, high proof bourbon, or smokey single malt. The spice from the rye can hold up to the sweet vermouth. A high proof bourbon has enough punch to do the same. Smokey single malts will blend well while adding a little smoke to the drink.

The orange manhattan cocktail introduces triple sec or other orange liqueur. It also calls for switching Angostura bitters for orange.

We are using the Austonian Spirits bourbon whiskey. This is a pot still bourbon that has aged in new charred American oak. However, the bourbon is finished using the Travis County Process, a unique step only used by Austonian Spirits, which smooths and integrates the flavors. As many times as we have asked, Austonian Spirits will not divulge the secret.

Our orange manhattan cocktail


  • 2.25 oz whiskey
  • .75 oz Triple sec
  • .50 oz sweet vermouth
  • 2 dashes orange bitters

How to make the orange manhattan cocktail
Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice – shake – strain into a chilled glass. The orange garnish is optional.

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