Shot of Texas Whiskey with Houston Farris

Shot of Texas Whiskey | Texas Whiskey Festival

In a recent interview with Houston Farris, Head Distiller at Yellow Rose Distilling, we discussed what makes him tick. Being a distiller seems like the perfect gig surrounded by and drinking whiskey, but as he shares, there is much more to it than that.  For him being a distiller is more than making whiskey it is about problem-solving. Like with most things issues always come up, a machine goes out, or the yeast isn’t working correctly, but either way, you have to fix it to make good whiskey.

I have learned I enjoy drinking it more than I would make it. To make good whiskey, it takes time, practice, and continuous learning. It is a craft that requires attention to detail, knowledge, and plenty of experience. Drinking it seems way more relaxing.

Not sure you like whiskey, how you got here not sure, give the Yellow Rose Blended Whiskey a try, already a whiskey drinker, Houston, and I recommend the Outlaw Bourbon. Ok, not feeling like drinking whiskey neat as Houston does, that is ok we have to Scofflaw Cocktail for you to throw back.

Learn more about his journey and thoughts about whiskey in the video below.








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