Grain to Glass Whiskey

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Get ten people in the room, and you will get ten different answers to the question “what is your favorite whiskey?” Palettes differ, one person may enjoy a robust bourbon-style while another enjoys a whiskey on the sweeter side. There is no right or wrong; it just means we’re wired differently.  One variety of Texas Whiskey with a passionate fan base is the grain-to-glass movement.


What is Grain-to-Glass Whiskey?


Grain-to-glass is an expression used by many craft distillers and brewers to signify they are creating the product from scratch. These distilleries are milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, aging, and bottling in Texas. In other words, they are born and raised in Texas.

This process allows a much higher degree of control throughout the whole production process, but also requires a significant amount of hard work and expense. The distilleries producing grain-to-glass whiskey are more than just a distillery – they are part of the local ecosystem, working with farmers and retailers to get their products into consumers’ hands.


Is Grain-to-Glass Whiskey Better?


Fans of the grain-to-glass movement believe that using local and seasonal ingredients allows distillers to produce whiskey or other spirits that reflect the unique flavors of the region. It makes sense that using local ingredients would create a whiskey unique to its locale.

The increased control over the process allows the distilleries to create unique and exciting variations of whiskey, while one uses corn or malt to produce a traditional robust bourbon-style and another produces a smokey whiskey or one infused with peppers.

Producing this distinction of whiskey does take a significant amount of work to produce a consistent whiskey from the ground to the bottle. It means being consistent with the grain selection and being meticulous through every step of the process, which is no doubt a craft approach.


Is Grain-to-Glass Important?


It is essential we inform purveyors of whiskey so they understand the whiskeys they buy. Grain-to-glass is one specific distinction in the world of craft spirits that is growing and supported by whiskey enthusiasts the world over.

The bottom line is with their differences and unique characteristics, these born and raised Texas Whiskeys have something to offer everyone.





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