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Pals, friends, buddies, compadres.  The people that form a community share common interests and enjoy a special bond. As we have worked on building the Texas Whiskey Festival over the years, we have developed many great friendships that have turned into a community.

The Friends of the Festival Membership is an extension of that community – one dedicated to growing the Texas whiskey experience while making memories, enjoying each others company and a whiskey or two along the way.  Members will have access to early ticket sales, exclusive merchandise, blind tastings, and more.

At the Texas Whiskey Festival, our goal is to promote, celebrate, and advocate for the distillers creating whiskey throughout Texas. Becoming a member is how you can help us do that.

As part of the membership, you will gain access to an exclusive and private Facebook group. Through the group, we will share exclusive content, events, and questions so that you can help us make those events and experiences that celebrate Texas whiskey even more enjoyable.

Be a pal.  Be a friend.  And raise a glass of Texas whiskey.

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