Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee from the Texas Whiskey Festival

We borrowed the recipe from our friends at Caffe Del Fuego. The Cowboy Coffee sounds tough as nails but will surprise you with its softer side.
Caffe Del Fuego is a true coffee liquor handcrafted in Austin, TX. From their website it has a smooth, rich vibrant coffee profile. While the nuances of the sugars infused with vanilla beans enhance the symphonic harmony producing subtle notes of dark chocolate with hints of rich dark caramel in the bouquet.
Sounds damn tasty, unless you don’t like coffee.
The story goes in 2013 two cousins founded Remington Family Distillers. They began with a recipe shared by an old Italian friend Vincent Perry. Like most Italians, he is passionate about his food and drink, but let them use the recipe with one condition. Don’t screw it up! With no pressure, they launched Caffe Del Fuego.
Roughly meaning coffee of the fire or fire coffee. The intentional hybrid of both Italian and Spanish is great out of the freezer on the rocks or in cocktails.
Even if you are not a coffee fan we encourage to give the Cowboy Coffee a go. The bourbon balances many of the overbearing coffee flavors. The higher proof the bourbon the more bourbon flavor that comes through. The combination gives it a rich velvety texture with some sweetness and bourbon kick. Not to mention the caffeine from the cold brew coffee, this cocktail will get you going.
The recipe below is how we like it, but experiment with more bourbon or more cold brew to find what suits you.

Cowboy Coffee

It will give you a kick in the pants. For those early mornings, mix up one of these Cowboy Coffees.
1.5 oz bourbon
1.5 oz Caffe Del Fuego
1.5 oz Cold Brew Coffee
How to Make
Mix ingredients into a mug or glass, stir and wake up.
If you try it and still aren’t a coffee person check out the Mother Pepper Mary to kick start your day! For evening drinks check out all of our Texas Whiskey cocktails you can make at home

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