Best Texas Whiskey of 2020

best texas whiskeys in 2020

We are always asked what is the best Texas Whiskey? The truth is the best Texas Whiskey or whiskey, in general, is the one you like. At each festival, we do host a blind judging contest and award custom belt buckles to the winners. You could say these are the best Texas Whiskeys of 2020.

How does the competition work?

The competition is a blind judging. The judges assess each whiskey based on smell, taste, and finish on a scale of 0 to 100. While there are changes in the yearly judging panel, panels have included the founder of the Whiskey Wash, other food and beverage writers, bar managers running extensive barrel programs, and the GM of Seven Grand Austin. This year the judges include the founder of the Whiskey Wash, GM of Seven Grand Austin and the Bar Manager of Jack Allen’s restaurants.
Our requirement is that all the whiskey entered in the competition is available to the general public. We want people to have the ability to buy these fantastic whiskeys.
Of course, as with most competitions, the opinions of the judges don’t always match what consumers like. To give the people their say, we have a people’s choice award. Each person is handed a wooden nickel when they walk through the festival gate to place in a bucket for their favorite distillery.

Here are the best Texas Whiskeys of 2020!

Grain to Glass Bourbon
Bottled/Aged in Texas Bourbon
Grain to Glass Rye 

What does other mean?  The other category is whiskeys that are not a bourbon, rye, or single malt. The Texas Whiskey industry is still growing, which means there may not be enough type of a specific whiskey to have its own category. As the industry and entries grow we will add the appropriate categories.


Grain to Glass Other
  1. Lone Elm
  2. True Blue 100
  3. Dripping Springs Distilling Republic Whiskey
Bottled/Aged in Texas Other
  1. Austonian Whiskey
  2. Texas Ranger
  3. Rebecca Creek Whiskey
Over 1,000 people attend the 3rd Annual Texas Whiskey Festival and these are their favorite distilleries.

It is an exciting time for Texas Whiskey. There are many new distilleries and many exciting projects so we encourage you to explore and find your favorite. While these are what our judges and attendees selected, the best is the one you like!


The original publishing winners came from the Whiskey Wash.

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