Best Texas Whiskey of 2019

Best Texas Whiskey of 2019

Original Announcement and article below are from The Whiskey Wash.

I had the pleasure of being a judge for the festival once again, tasting through a fascinating mix of whiskeys during the event. There can only be so many winners per category, however, so presented to you below are those that won awards for 2019:

Bourbon Distilled Grain to Glass in Texas

    1. Ironroot Republic Harbinger
    2. Garrison Brothers Balmorhea
    3. Ranger Creek .36 Bourbon


Bourbon Bottled in Texas

    1. Oak and Eden Bourbon & Spire
    2. Ben Milam Single Barrel Bourbon
    3. Treaty Oak Red Handed Bourbon


Rye Whiskey

    1. Balcones Texas Rye 100 (Grain to Glass)
    2. Ben Milam Rye Whiskey (Bottled in Texas)
    3. Yellow Rose Distilling Rye Whiskey (Bottled in Texas)


Malt Whiskey

    1. Spirit of Texas Pfluger Single Malt
    2. Balcones Texas ‘1’ Single Malt
    3. Real Spirits Distilling Signature Whiskey


Whiskey Distilled Grain to Glass in Texas

    1. Balcones True Blue 100
    2. Andalusia Whiskey Co. Stryker
    3. Real Spirits Distilling Double Barrel Whiskey


Whiskey Bottled in Texas

    1. Oak and Eden Cabernet Steeped
    2. Dripping Springs Distilling Republic Whiskey
    3. Austonian Spirits Austonian Whiskey


Peoples Choice Award

    1. Garrison Brothers Distillery
    2. Ironroot Republic Distilling
    3. Iron Wolf Ranch and Distillery


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